Illuminated Manuscripts “Beyond Words”

“BEYOND WORDS: ILLUMINATED MANUSCRIPTS IN BOSTON COLLECTIONS is the first exhibition to showcase highlights of illuminated manuscripts in the Boston area. An ambitious collaborative project, Beyond Words is notable for the size of its curatorial team, the number of lending institutions, and a multi-venue display. The exhibition presents more than 260 outstanding manuscripts and printed … More Illuminated Manuscripts “Beyond Words”

The Brilliance of Hermann Zapf

By Maryanne Grebenstein — Hermann Zapf (1918-2015), born in Nuremberg, Germany, was one of the greatest calligraphers and type designers who ever lived. He began lettering at age 18 and spent many years studying historic letterforms. With the advent of computers, Hermann Zapf contributed immeasurably to the development of typography using the artful aesthetics derived … More The Brilliance of Hermann Zapf